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4 outdoor billboards (each 252 x 356 cm)

4 framed C-Type prints (each 21 x 29,7 cm)

Mixed media sculpture (3 x 252 x 356 cm)

The work existed in two locations: an indoor exhibition space and an advertising billboard on a street nearby. A selection of elements from the artist’s studio was photographed on an A4 size paper, and the photograph was enlarged to fit a standard billboard poster size (the equivalent of 144 A4 papers). After a week, the poster was replaced with one where the image was reduced in size but multiplied to form a 3 x 3 formation. A week later again, a new poster with a 6 x 6 formation, and finally a poster with a 12 x 12 formation. Now the objects were reproduced in their original size.

In the exhibition space nearby, a sculpture imitated the arrangement on the billboard, and started off with having just one A4 paper with the actual photographed studio elements. As the billboard had 9 images the sculptures had the same amount of identical arrangements. In this way, sculpture changed in accordance with the billboards and ended as an arrangement in the same size as the outdoor billboard.

A series of photographs next to the sculpture documented the changes. 

Installation view from L40, Verein zur Förderung von Kunst und Kultur am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin

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