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Aluminium structure with mixed media objects, 192-page publication.

Ca. 350 x 300 x 60 cm.


Installation view from Farbvision, Berlin.

STUDIO FONT is a typeface based on objects found in the studio of Tommy Støckel. These objects are either discarded sketches, parts of models, material offcuts, glue tests, self-made tools or other leftover elements from the artist's studio work. They have been randomly assigned different letters and punctuation marks from the Latin alphabet and made into a functioning typeface.

The book STUDIO FONT documents Tommy Støckel's studio at the time when the objects were found, and subsequently presents the 36 characters of the STUDIO FONT in alfabetical order. The book can be ordered from Motto Books.

The typeface STUDIO FONT is available for download as an OpenType font here: DOWNLOAD

At present time the font is compatible with the applications: Keynote, Mail, Numbers, Pages, TextEdit and Word on Mac OSX.

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