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MDF, paper, copper pipes, steel pipes, plastic pipes, electricity cables, data cables, AV cables.

Dimensions variable

O-Overgaden - Institute for Contemporary Art, Copenhagen

"Water and gas pipes, and cables for data, electricity, and sound have taken over O—Overgaden with the total installation “SUPERADAPTER” created by Danish artist Tommy Støckel. Though they usually run in their own designated circuits, in this exhibition water, gas, data, electricity, and sound are connected to one joint network through “super adapters” – the ultimate transformer, invented by Støckel. As a completely unrealizable, DIY-generated fantasy, the super adapter illustrates humans’ constant, techno-utopian dream of improving tomorrow with new technology."

Seventeen SUPERADAPTERS forms a network spreading throughout the exhibition spaces – not only connecting each other, but connecting three different sculpture groups as well. 

The SUPERADAPTER in the very far corner of the room has a 50 meter long pink ethernet cable plugged into it. This cable runs up a pillar, under the ceiling, and out through a window in the front room. It connects a sculpture attached to the building's facade to the network.

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