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24 paper sculptures, 24 animated emoticons as keyboard for mobile phones and tablets.

85 x 295 x 445 cm


Installation view from the 11th Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju.

The project consists of two parts: the first is a group of 24 sculptures resembling rocks shown in the Biennale exhibition halls, and the second a corresponding digital keyboard with 24 animated rock-characters to be downloaded by people for their communication on smartphones and tablets.

The Gwangju Rocks are based on actual rocks found in the city of Gwangju – placed as “nature sculptures” in the city’s gardens and parks.

3D scans of a selection of six rocks were made, then simplified and animated to each appear as a digital character with individual behaviour and distinct characteristics, similar to classic emoji characters.

In the Biennale exhibition, each emoji-expression was presented as a physical object captured in a moment of its action, where this momentary shape became an intriguing classical sculpture.

Below is a screenshot of The Gwangju Rocks keyboard on an iPad Mini.

The emojis were reworked and relaunched as stickers for iMessage in 2020. 

The stickers can be downloaded here:

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