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Mixed media

Installation view Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen

Things for a Symmetrical Tower consists of a series of site-specific artworks for the 16th Century tower of St. Nikolaj Church that houses Nikolaj Kunsthal.

On the ground floor of the tower the visitors are presented with a model of the tower itself. The model has had mirrors inserted along different symmetrical axes and now mirrors model sculptures that have been installed in the model architecture: In the room of the clockwork, around the bell and attached to an outside corner. Each space has been divided in half by a mirror and now appears as two complete spaces with different mirrored artworks.

When the visitors move up through the tower they encounter the mirrored installations that now are occupying the same spaces. 

At the height of 35 metres there is a viewing platform where a 5 metre diameter ring with a surface of pink insulation foam boards is hanging as if attached casually through the tower's openings.

All the sculptures are constructed in modern building materials that bring a stark contrast to the historic tower, while the shapes of the sculptures correspond with the geometry of the tower and its copper spire.

TFAST - Nikolaj 17.jpg
TFAST - Nikolaj 16.jpg
TFAST - Nikolaj 1.jpg
TFAST - Nikolaj 2.jpg
TFAST - Nikolaj 3.jpg
TFAST - Nikolaj 5.jpg
TFAST - Nikolaj 6.jpg
TFAST - Nikolaj 7.jpg
TFAST - Nikolaj 8.jpg
TFAST - Nikolaj 11.jpg
TFAST - Nikolaj 13.jpg
TFAST - Nikolaj 14.jpg
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