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Laser print on corrugated cardboard

Dimensions variable, Berlin

Website Sculpture ( is a snapshot capturing the complex and rich web presence of an exhibition space with a focus on digital or net-based art and club culture –caught at the moment right before the exhibition opening. The website of has been used as work material for a sculpture in the physical gallery and maps the website’s structure and content to use it as the foundation for a site-specific work.

A modular system, where each module represents an individual page or link, registers the website's structure with its long list of exhibitions, events, reviews, etc. and recreates it as a growing entity made up of the history of If you follow the meandering “arms” of the structure outwards from the centre, you travel back in the exhibition space’s five-year history through the titles of the events copied directly from the website. Titles relating to the context of digital art and technology include such titles as “ and the gallery system”, “myspam” and “a=tF2”.

Website Sculpture ( is an artwork with a digital counterpart dictating the structure and parameters for the sculpture. Found gallery elements have been used for the presentation in the space.

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