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WHEN 20 AND 20 IS 133

Steel, mixed media

952 x 352 x 35 cm

Permanent installation at Niels Bohr Bygningen, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen

WHEN 20 AND 20 IS 133 is an experiment in creating sculptures from a system in which 20 different forms are combined with 20 different materials.

The 20 shapes are based on variations of cubes and different ways of changing this shape - either by adding or removing geometric elements to the sides of the cubes. All the cubes' sides that have been formally changed appear in a neutral grey.

The 20 materials are a selection of both traditional sculpture materials and materials found in home improvement stores. Together they form a wide range of different types of metal, various types of wood, plaster, concrete, textiles, etc.

Arranged on a white lacquered steel grid, the shape variations and the material variations are placed with equal distances to one another. In between them combinations of forms and materials are generated, and through this a total of 133 individual sculptures are systematically created.

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